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  • How is your jewelry made?
    Each one of my pieces is created through a lengthy process of manipulating metal to create scenes then soldering them together and finally adding the beading. Keep in mind that this is all by hand and by one All of the materials I use are ethically sourced. I tend to buy all of my beads from small mom and pop shops! I find they often have the best selections. All of my metal is sourced within the US.
  • What is your jewelry made of?
    Almost all of the items in the shop are made of brass or bronze(depending on the design). Almost all of our designs also have hypoallergenic posts, studs, or ear hooks.We recommend looking at item descriptions to be sure of exactly what material each piece is made of. If you are ever unsure of a material or have trouble locating info, just send us a contact form with your question!
  • I am allergic to certain metals! What can I do?
    All of our posts are stainless steel, unless otherwise speficied. The fish hooks are made of 18k gold. Hoops are made of brass. With this in mind, we understand that metal allergies are not a one size fits all, so if you have any questions or would like to see if a post or ear wire can be swapped out for something more hypoallergenic, simple fill out an inquiry.
  • Do you take custom orders?
    I sure do! In fact I love designing one-of-a-kind items! Please send me an email regarding your vision and timeline! From there we can work out pricing, ideas, and themes. I do require payment in full for all custom work- no exceptions. *Customs typically start at $300 and go up from there.
  • What do you recommend for jewelry care?
    THREAD HAS A MEMORY When not wearing your earrings, hang them up or lay them flat. SHOULD MY JEWELRY BE KEPT DRY? YES! Please don't wear your items in the shower or while swimming. Chemical pools may also have serious damaging effects. Your pieces prefer to stay dry! Moist environments are a NO GO - please don't leave your jewelry in the bathroom or wear it to a sauna/hot springs. DOES MY JEWELRY TARNISH? Some metals may develop a tarnish and patina over time. This is natural! Simply grab some polishing cloths and shine up your pieces...or don't! Some people prefer a tarnished look! Please do not use liquid polishers as this could have adverse effects on the beadwork.
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