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Mountain Maiden Co. came from a place of creative homage mixed with a long history of creative and cultural traditions being passed down. 

Awe inspired by the mountains majesties (Black Hills) that surround the artist and a love for the natural world, this space was born.

And while most designs are largely inspired by the rolling landscapes of the American West, botanical findings and mythology. 

Fine art and art history have also played a big role in the foundation and background of  Mountain Maiden Co. as well, all inspired by the connection that every human has to the natural world and art itself. 




Cora Carroll is the owner, designer, and creative force behind Mountain Maiden Co.

Graduating with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Studio Art from Black Hills State, she has always felt a strong draw to the artistic realm.

Growing up with an artistic parent, Cora has been on a somewhat eccentric path for most of her life, with her sole purpose simply being "to create".  

 First  introduced to bead weaving and bead looming at the age of 6, Cora was reintroduced to the concept of combing metal and beadwork while on vacation in South Africa. Where she stumbled upon several antiquities in a small antique shop north of Cape Town utilizing the method. Inspired by a technique that had been around for centuries, she added a dabble of contemporary design and modern artistry.

In 2019, Mountain Maiden Co was established and from there, Cora has used the foundations of old forms of adornment mixed with modern ideas to create a space inspired by the natural world.   

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